Monday, April 14, 2008

What Goes Vroom Vroom In The Night? Britney Spears

photo: dListed
Dear Brit,**

I know you've had a rough time of things recently, so I'll skip over your new raunch-a-riffic weave, your cowboy boots, your cracked out friends/star fuckers, your perma tan, and your skin regime (or lack thereof), so that we can just get straight to the real matter at hand: your driving.

I totally get that you don't like your daddio all up in your grill. And I GET that its nice to do your own thing and not have to ask permission to go get a coffee (i.e. instigate a paparazzi frenzy...wink wink) at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Sunset, or go rent a room at the Peninisula for who knows what bizarre reason (and then immediately check out), but WHY oh w-h-y are you still driving? Your car accidents occur so often, they're a bit of a challenge to keep track of.

What's the deal, B?? Just say "NO" to the wheel.

Or here's an idea: maybe you and Lindsay Lohan can go halvsies on a driver?

Just a thought.


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