Monday, April 28, 2008

Keep on Boozin, Amy Winehouse! You Warned Us All Already

Dear Everyone, ***

True, Amy Winehouse had a bit of a Naomi Campbell weekend, but seriously I don't get what all of this fuss is about?  

Brit claimed to be a virgin while she was popping birth control pills like candy, Lindz is on a multi-month bender/booze-fest after 3 trips to rehab, but AW is in a different league.  I know jokes have been made about this ad nauseum, but she did warn us all a long time ago that she was boarding the crazy train and had no intention of getting off.

I quote directly...from a little ditty she wrote:
"They're tryin to make me go to rehab
And I say, no, no, no"

Oh yah...and then she won five freakin' Grammy Awards for it.


Am I missing some hidden message buried in there? 

I say we all back off, and leave the poor lamb to continue speed balling horse tranqs, wearing dirty cutoff shorts and blood stained shoes and beating down police officers.

Let the woman wreck her own life in peace and quiet.  Sheesh.


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