Friday, April 18, 2008

Liberty, Mississippi is SOOO the Spot For You, Jamie Lynn Spears!

Amite County Courthouse, Liberty, MS
Dear Jamie Lynn, *

OMG! I just read about how you and Casey are house hunting in Mississippi! That's so amazing!

I mean, I don't know much about Liberty, MS, but I bet its going to be the perfect spot for your little family. I just read on wikipedia that almost 19% of the people living there have college degrees! JL, that's soooo important! You're going to want your little boo to be around people who truly value the importance of an education, and it sounds like those people live in Mississippi! The population of Liberty is supposedly around 630 if 19% have college educations, that means that almost 120 people there are def gonna be really, really smart! True, we don't know where the Libertarians went to college...and they probably included community college and maybe even home study courses, but who cares! You need to provide only the best for your little boo boo, and you're doin it grrrl!

Perez said you guys made an offer on a 3 bedroom house for, like $300,000! (do you have a connection with the number 3?! You should talk to a numerologist!). He also said that your new place is going to have marble floors and a game room---that is sooo cool JL! Maybe you can fit a go cart track in there!!

I also read that only 21% of the town of Liberty is living below the poverty line, so you guys are not going to stick out there at all. And when Brit Brit and the boys come to visit, they are going to feel so at home...I bet everybody there goes barefoot when they stop off at gas station bathrooms!

I'm including this great picture of the town's courthouse that I found: I hope you and Casey don't ever end up there!!!!

Congrats, JL....on everything!!

luv & hugs,

p.s. I know being preggers must be sooo hard and I don't know if your doctor ever mentioned this to you (or if you go to the doctor?), but you're not really supposed to have a lot of caffeine. So maybe you should try Diet Doctor Pepper instead of the real thing?

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