Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What the EFF, Bravo TV?

Dear Bravo TV,*** (revised from a former ** rating)

How in the h-e double hocky sticks is Real Housewives of New York City over tonight!? Jiminy Christmas, It just started!

Not that I counted, but I swear those OC bitches got waay more episodes than this. I sat through forty-six God damn minutes of Vicki (with an "i") trying to convince herself that she's not, in fact, an epic control freak and Lauri (with an "i") droning on and on about how head over heels in love she is with what's his wallet, and I deserve some payback now.

If it was ME running my little ole TV network that happened to just lose the one show that put it on the map in the first place (to Lifetime, no less), I would get my ass into gear and get some new eps into production stat.

What the EFF am I supposed to watch now, Step It Up & Dance?

Hurry up,

UPDATE: oopsie! I feel like I did the equivalent of drunk dialing (never post before a very thorough googling, kids!). Not only are you renewing Real Housewives of New York City, but you're also giving us Real Housewives of New Jersey too!? Bravo TV, you are waaay too good to me. Friends again?

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