Monday, April 7, 2008

Your Ad is So Not Posh, Marc Jacobs

Dear Marc,**

Looking at this Victoria Beckham ad leaves me almost as shocked and confused as I was after seeing your photo for the first time post fat, dorky guy makeover.

Here are the cold hard facts Marc-ee Mark:
1. This is a horrible, overexposed photo
2. This horrible photo does not look artistic or avant looks stupid
3. The intended fairy tale/kiss a frog reference is murky at best and at worst...well, stupid again.

Your ad campaigns lately have looked like they've been art directed by Stevie Wonder. I'm a bit perplexed that after the showstopping creativity of Victoria Beckham stuffed in a bag, and Victoria Beckham popping her head out of bag, this is what you and your crack team have come up with.

Is this all part of your clever plan? Did you intentionally shoot an ad that was so inexplicably lame you knew you would get people talking more than you would had the ad been fabulous and ordinary?

Well, it worked.

fashion for all,

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