Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dina Lohan, Your Hair Is So Shiny...And Blonde [*@Sugar Sweet Sunshine]

Dear Dina, *

I'm a few days late, I know, but I just finished watching the first episode of Living Lohan and I really, really enjoyed myself.

First of all, WOW. Your hair really is...well, its super shiny. Also, your daughters LiLo and baby Lo are very, very pretty and they each have lovely, sultry voices. Additionally, I was very impressed with your web savvy--you were googling shit left and right (no need goog up my number though! No Lindsay Lohan lesbian accusations round these parts!).

Long Island looks pretty.


Oh yeah...and I will NOT under any circumstances be reading your crazy ex-husband's weekly blog posts on OK Magazine's website in response to the show.

Anyway, take care!

P.S. That record producer dude Jeremy is trouble, for realz. You need to block him from your AIM list stat.

P.P.S. Nana rocks!

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Anonymous said...

what kind of bullshit letter is this? sugar sweet sunshine sucks!!!

Anonymous said...

you folded. that's lame.