Monday, July 7, 2008

Simon & Alex Barfing In The Bathroom At Jill Zarin's July 4th Party?? They Would Have Been... IF ONLY They Were Invited

Dear Jill, ***

I bet your July 4th party this weekend in the Hamptons was fucking off the chain.

Not that I was there, but come on--I can connect the dots. SilEx got shafted with an invite, and that made me endlessly happy. As long as you didn't let your gay husband Brad pick out your outfit, I'm sure everything was bomb diggity bom bomb.

What is NOT bomb diggity bom bomb, however, is this little nugget: you bitches only got EIGHT thousand dollars for the entire first season of RHONYC!? Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me. ???

That just ain't right...espesh since those fake-n-bake tanned, Orange County ho hos were making waaay more than that--like $92,000 more. WTF Bravo!? Now that Project Runway has peaced out, you bizatches better take care of your best girlies.

And you know you're the best, Jilly Jill. Anyway, I'm glad you're making a bit more cash money this year...and that you're all coming back...AND that Simon is a drunk...and the piece de resistance: that you hate Alex as much as we all do. Hooray!

Alex and Simon suck! You too Francois and Johan!

Love to love u,

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