Thursday, October 2, 2008

This Time I Mean It: Will You Marry Me, Bo Burnham!?

Dear Bo, ***

I. Die.

You are so freakin adorable, I die.

I'm officially OB'd with your ass. Like in a really scary kind of a way.

And of course the moment I read about you...and how you were Judd Apatow's new golden boy, I decided immediately that I hated you. And that you were probably annoying and whiny and not even remotely funny (kinda like Pineapple Express).

But I was so totally wrong. Like Jim Cramer "buy Wachovia" sort of wrong.

Cause you are hilarious, and brilliant, and achingly adorable. And I think I just tried to lick my laptop screen during your youtube video.

And if you ever sang a song just for me, I would melt all over the floor and drip into a pool of wet, hot Bo Burnham love juice. And I would... [OH SORRY].


I'm back.


I love you.
(like a lot).

Jus sayin,

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Anonymous said...

i'm in love fo sho!

Dear Famous A$$hole said...

anon: Back off...the dude is minez