Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If The Secret Service Ever Gave Me A Codename, I'd Want It To Be Sassafrass...Or Fandango

Dear Jew Scum Media "Gotcha" Journalists, ***

While I enjoyed the hell out of learning that the Obama family has the coolest code names in the double secret CIA history of the universe (Barack Obama = Renegade; Michelle Obama = Renaissance; Malia Obama = Radiance; Sasha Obama = Rosebud), doesn't this, uhm, DEFEAT THE WHOLE FUCKING PURPOSE OF PROTECTING THEM??

Hai, Mr. crazy, psychopath terrorist!

In case you are looking to maime/hurt/spit on/scream expletives at any members of the first family, just print out this little crib sheet and follow around any ole Secret Service agent to pin down their location. It's like your very own GPS!

Please tell me these names were released because they now get NEW names?


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Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only person wondering about this. I was like, why the hell would they release their code names?

Anonymous said...

They have had these names all along, but now that he's president-elect all Secret Service transmissions are now fully encrypted. They do this every presidential election. It's basically the same reason Barack has to ditch his BlackBerry.

Dear Famous A$$hole said...

@anon 8:04: Thank gawd, someone around here knows the scoop! Phew...I was v. worried about the stupidity level at work here, but I'm relieved to know that there's some sort of explanation for this insanity. Go go gadget, Renegade!