Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dear Everybody: Monday Night TV Recap

Dear Everybody, ***

Gossip Girl:

  • Meh
  • Obvs, Chuck is going to be the gay one (how cool would that be!?)
  • Touche, Jenny...way to come back from grand theft auto.
  • Bonjour, Georgina!

The Hills:
  • Holy Justin-Bobbyness!

The Paper:
  • Amanda-n-Alex sittin' in a tree (fingers crossed!).
  • Everyone else: Jealous much? Amanda DE-served the editor position so back the eff off and start acting like teenagers who aren't about to shoot a beatdown video!
  • Amanda: your eyeglasses wardrobe is an inspiration to us four-eyed girls everywhere
You know you love,

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