Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Me+So You Think You Can Dance=TLF

Dear Cast, Crew and "Juh-jus" of So You Think You Can Dance (and Cat Deeley),***


Just saw the promo for your twooooo hour premiere on Thursday, May 22 and I am s'o, s'o, s'oooooo excited--like Alex McCord finding out she was referenced on New York Social Diary excited.

I've missed you, I've missed you, I've missed U!
I luv you, I luv you, I luv U!


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1 comment:

slanderific said...

I am also really excited for this...scarily so. I can honestly say I traded in a bunch of favors last year to go see it taped. Really. Somewhere, I have a very stalker-ish photo of me and Hok hugging. He's not nearly as excited as I am in it. Wierd.