Wednesday, May 21, 2008

@Britney Spears: I Guess Costa Rica Was Not Exactly the Pick Me Up We Were Hoping For

Dear Brit, **

  1. Looks like suhm-buddy forgot to put on her sunblock during her Costa Rican getaway with Mel "I hate those effin' Jews" Gibson.
  2. Mrs. Roper called...she wants her dress back.
  3. Your pleather, sparkle pink purse is notable, both for the fact that it does not match your whore-endous, ill fitting gettup one lick AND because it looks like it totally came from Perez Hilton's cutting edge new line with Hot Topic (leave it to you to always be on top of the trends!)
  4. As per U, your weave still looks like its allergic to your head...and your brush.

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