Monday, May 26, 2008

Have The Japanese Just Completely Lost Their Shit Recently, Or Is It Just Me??

Dear Japan, **

WTF?? First Hello Kitty gets an ambassadorship gig and now you've hired a cat as your stationmaster??

This fucking cat is in charge of 10 train stations and has her own office. Even more impressive was this little nugget:

"Happy with her successful job as stationmaster, the company promoted Tama to "super-stationmaster" in January this year, making her "the only female in a managerial position" in the company's 36-strong workforce."


I guess in your country, eating Tender Vittles is a God damned pre-requisite to making anything out of your own pathetic feline wannabe life.

Let me introduce you to I Can Has Cheezburger...I'm sure you'll announce this as your official national newspaper next week.

Lolcats 4-Eva,

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