Thursday, May 1, 2008

Me-n-Julia Allison TLF...Thanks to You, Gawker

Dear Gawker, ***

You've done it. No joke.

I think I now love Julia Allison and its e-n-t-i-r-e-l-y your fault.

Like many others, I've read, with gusto, every single JA hatin' piece you've ever posted. I remember (rather sheepishly) the day many months ago that I first thought to myself "hunh...who the hell is Julia Aliison?!"

I admit, I jumped on the hate train along with everyone else and gleefully sat front and center as Jules has been parsed, dated, rated and twittered. I mean, I *get* why you hate her: she's pretty, getting paid lots of money to flit around town for Star magazine, has her own reality show, loves all the attention she gets, yada, yada, yada. But your hatred runs so deep and is so boundless, it's really kind of fascinating in its own right. I mean, if you're genuinely soo disgusted by all of the attention JA seeks than why do you keep giving it to her? (the metaphors run deep, n'est-ce que pas?)

Slowly but surely, as your hatred gained momentum, mine started losing steam. Maybe its the rebel in me who longs to stand out in a crowd (like JA!) or maybe she just methodically won me over with her wily ways (can you actually hypnotize someone with the carefully crafted words in a TONY article?), but here I am. I'm throwing up my hands to the heavens in utter and complete frustration. I'm completely and totally bored of hating Julia. I'm so done. Finito.


I'm thinking of starting a Facebook group called: I love Julia Allison...HOW YA LIKE ME NOW!? I'm totally looking forward to her reality show and YES, I am following her on Twitter and am thoroughly entertained by her tweets.

I assure you, I don't know Julia, any of her friends or any of her friends' friends. I don't go to Butter or Beatrice or wherever all of the cool kids hang out nowadays and nobody put me up to this. I simply thought you should know what's been wrought as a result of your hate parade.

No hard feelings?

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