Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Cakesicles!

Dear My Fat Ass, **

Surprise, surprise.

You've managed to hatch up yet another brill idea straight from the annals of You're Fat: Now Deal With It: A cakesicle pan!

Just to be clear here, we're not talking popsicles...we're talking c-a-k-e-s-i-c-l-e-s, i.e. cake on a stick. Have you ever heard of anything so spectacular?

Just for kicks, shall we run through all of the other additional items you'd now like to "stick it" to with your shiny new cakesicle pan? Ham and Cheese omelette pops, perhaps? Pretzel Pops? (for easy dipping into mustard). Pigs-n-blankets popsicles? Oh, the possibilities are truly endless, n'est-ce que pas?

Shit, you better thank your lucky stars I don't get all Ana on you, yo.

Uhm...shut up.

Stop fucking laughing, dude! I mean it.


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Anonymous said...

your fat ass is a gonner with this one

Anonymous said...

Shepherd's pie popsicles anyone?

Dear Famous A$$hole said...

That's not very nice, anon...and so effing true. Le sigh.