Friday, July 4, 2008

SYTYCD Week 4 Eliminations: Kourtni & Matt Get Sent Back To Skid Row...Where They Belong

Dear Kourtni & Matt, ***

Feigning concern when you really don't give a shit is a pet peeve of mine, so I'm gonna make this brief and to the point. Your "homeless" number above is where you two really jumped the shark for me, and...well...its hard to come back from green leggings and a man vest.

Matt: You would be an AWESOME cruise ship performer. Call Carnival, dust your face with some magic glitter, and hit the decks!

Kourtni: I haven't really been digging your dancing since the auditions, and I'm not sure why. I didn't think you and Matt were a good pairing, but really you just never stepped it up for me....not once. Also, the way you spell your name makes me want to punch you.

So, my towering infernos, in honor of our nation's independence, you both now have your own... from SYTYCD.

Hot diggity dawg,

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1 comment:

RJ said...

Is it sad that as I watched the SYTYCD Eliminations last night (DVR'd) I was thinking "I wonder what Dear Famous Asshole thinks of this boo-sh*t?"

Because Velveeta-blooded or not, Matt going home before Thayne is BOO-SH*T.

The cornerstone of Thayne's solo - other than almost falling *literally* on his face during the "chikka chikka chikka DANCE" ending - involved pumping his fists in the air as if overcome by the spirit of Footloose. Eye-coveringly awful.

Sigh. It's not right for a grown damn man to care this much about a reality dance show.