Thursday, July 31, 2008

SYTYCD Week 8: Cat Looks HOtty Hott Hot, Even With a Motherfuckin Grill!

Dear Everyone, ***

Ok, so I'm lazy, and you guys are bored, and Adam Shankman is probs still crying, so we're gonna try something new tonight: SYTYCD in five words or less.

Rather than my full-on long winded play by play analysis, I'm going to give you the first five words that come to mind after watching each dance. It will kinda be like a trip to you shrink's office, except we won't be accomplishing anything and there will be way more cursing.

[sidenote: Mary was off the chain tonight with the rape screams, right?? She looked gorge, tho]

Now for the motherfucking dancing:

Courtney & Mark

Dance #1
Jason Gilkison
Viennese Waltz
Twinkle twinkle little Mark; hottness

Dance #2
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Crazy, sexy, cool, funky weirdness.

Joshua & Katee
Dance #1
Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio



Dance #2
Jason Gilkison
Paso Doble
Final two fer sure, fight!

Chelsie & Twitch
Dance #1
Tony Meredith & Melanie

Shake those ruffles everywhere, bitch!

Dance #2
Tabitha & Napoleon
Hip Hop

Kinda cool, kinda weird. Hmm.

All the solos were pretty rockin, but once again, Twitch = mybitch.

K, so here are my bottom two bebes:

(eventhough I think she seriously rocked it)

And bottom two baby daddy's:
(eventhough he RULEZ my motherfuckin world)

And goin home?: Courtney& Twitch (le sigh).

If Heidi Montag can fucking vote, so can you people.

Do. It,

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Anonymous said...

diggin the recap. though it's going to be mark and courtney going home. twitch's solo is the best by far. awesome personality. Best line of your post "It will kinda be like a trip to you shrink's office, except we won't be accomplishing anything and there will be way more cursing." word.

Dear Famous A$$hole said...

I'm not sure why I'm feelin' Twitch...except that we've typically been surprised by the votes in past weeks and I have a feeling we might be again. I actually think it should prob be Mark..eventhough I lurv him 2 way more than Amanda Lorber. And you may very well be right...but I still hold true to my final two: Katee & Joshee.


Cathie said...

I will be sad when the show is over and will miss your commentary on it, but my other guilty pleasure will be starting, "The Hills" ;)

btw- i did not know Joshua had no formal training. Him and Katee rocked!

Dear Famous A$$hole said...

Cathie: I'm already in full on crisis management mode over the fact that the show is almost over. I love them ALL and I swear if I was really rich I'd hire every single one of em' to be my private dancers and just twirl their asses all around me as I walked down the street.

Also, hello!? Hills obsessed over here...sytycd recaps will shortly be replaced by play by play Hills recaps. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Lauren's sex tape surfaces this year and that justinbobby returns with all of his lame ass ridiculousness!