Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Hills, S4:2 - 'It's Like Trying To Tell Iran And Israel To Get Along'

Dear Everyone, ***

Oh MY GAH, Bitches...Happy bday Steph!

I can't wait till its LC's bday next week...and then like Whitney's the week after that...and then Heidi's...and then Doug's. How the fuck does someone have a birthday every fucking week on this motherfucking show?


Top Developments:

  • After LC totally ignored Doug's ass last week at Audrina's bday party, they've since totally taken things to the next level and are now like TLF.
  • Kelly Cutrone literally looks like "Night of the Living Dead."
  • Lo and Audrina are still like mortal fucking frenemies (and Lo is still rockin' the side bangs like nobody's biz).
Best fucking moment of the ep: Spencer & Heidi walking into She Pratt's burfday party with a dozen freaking helium balloons as everyone else looks on in sheer terror.

Needless to say, no one was happy to see their asses...including the birthday gurl.

So, first Brody and Frankie bounce...then LC and Skee LO bounce...and then there were three.

The next day Spencer lays it all on the line and tells Stephanie that its LC or him. Also he drops this little gem right on She Pratt's motherfucking face: "I can't make you "un" my sister."

Whoa. I'm t-o-t-a-l-l-y stealing that.

That weird bitch Jessica got fired from People's Revolution, so now Whit is poised to take over the universe. Go, Whit!

And r'uh r'oh. She Pratt promised LC that Speidi were not gonna come to her bday, and then they DID! So like maybe she shouldn't be trusted?

I don't know!?...and neither does LC.


"the rest is still unwritten,"

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