Friday, August 8, 2008

Wal-Mart to Jamie Lynn Spears & Maddie Briann: WHERE U BEEN, BITCHES???

Dear Jamie Lynn, **

I guess I'm not your "Holla Back" gurl anymore :(



I know you've been busy with the baby and your baby daddy-n-all...and like also obvs at the gym based on these pics!

So I guess you haven't been able to write/call/text me as much, which is ok cuz like I've been really, really busy too with my acrylic nail technician classes and my Mary Kay internship, and also like that older Russian dude who I met on who I've been e-chatting with.


You have to fill me on Maddie Briann! Is she like a lil diva in training? She must be so pretty and so preshus! I can't wait to give her the puffy fabric scrapbook I've been working on for her!!

And it's sooooooo cool that her first outing was a trip to Wal-Mart, cause I know that's like your home away from home. Also, its never to early to teach lil Maddie 2 shop till she drops!!!!!!!!!


The funny thing is, in that pic above I don't see Maddie Briann? It looks like you maybe forgot her in the store! Oopsie! Oh well...I'm sure someone found her in the Cheetos aisle and probs just brought her back out to you in the parking lot. No biggie.

Ok, little miss thang, I havta to get to my nail class so I'm gunna go. Kisses-n-hugs to Maddie & Casey!!!!!!

Holla back! :)

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