Friday, August 8, 2008

SYTYCD Finale: Just When U Thought It Couldn't Get Any Better Than Gettin' Yo Braces Off, YOU WON, Joshua Allen!

Dear Everyone, ***

So, not sure what's up with you bitches, but that was pretty much two solid hours of hysterical sobbing for me.

Here's a recap:

I cried during all of the favorite recap dances. I cried during the video clips. I cried everytime Cat went goo goo gaga over one of her "babies." I cried because I had to sit through a Jonas Brothers performance. I cried when they brought back the dancers from past seasons and I got to see my girl Lauren Gottlieb. I even cried during Mary Murphy's freakin cougar reunion tour dance with Dimitri.

But nothing, and I do mean NUTHING, could have prepared me for the NYC waterfalls like explosion that erupted from my eyeballs when little brace face, street dancer Joshua Allen was named the winner of So You Think You Can Dance.

I cried cause I was so happy for Josh. And I cried cause I was heartbroken for Twitch. And then I cried for myself. Because not only do I have to wait until next fucking summer to enjoy watching TV this much again, but also I didn't even get any tix to the mother effin SYTYCD tour that sold out in nine seconds flat.

But its totally not fine.

Not Really...I'll be OK.

I promise!(not to do anything crazy).

During tough times like these, I find that stepping into the warm welcoming bossum of a Jay-Z song often helps me express my feelings and deal with my inner turmoil in like a really, real way:

Take the baseline out, uh huh
Jigga uh huh uh huh uh huh

It's the Hard Knock Life for us
It's the Hard Knock Life for us
Stead of treated, we get tricked
Stead of kisses, we get kicked
It's the Hard Knock Life

Indeed, Jigga.

Knock, knock.
Who's there.

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