Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Hills, S4:3 - 'Wanna Talk About Us Gettin Naked?'

Dear Everyone, ***

Ok, three weeks in and I'm already completely fucking bored:

*Lauren and Steph are still fake BFF's and clearly, everyone is gearing up for the inevitable moment when She Pratt shows her she fangs and takes a bite out of Lauren's face.
*Kelly Cutrone thinks hooking Whit up with a cute NYC boy will make her dig New York more (duh).
*Spencer is still a dick...and is still pissed at Stephanie for not running LC over with her car.
*LC is over Doug...even though she was never really into him. And is still flirting with Brody
*Audrina & Lo were MIA.

And, like that's it.

No, really.

That was the whole fucking show.


"the rest is still unwritten,"

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