Friday, October 17, 2008

John McCain + David Letterman = Nobody Got Punched (Unfortch)

Dear Everyone, ***

The McCainiac showed up on Dave Letterman last night, and it was hella entertaining.

Dave actually asked the dude some tough questions...particularly regarding Sarah Palin (who Dave thinks would have trouble leading a Little League team to victory, much less the country) . I love how their go to line in response to this is ALWAYS "she energizes the peeeeple!" Though, I guess when you think about it, its totally true! She's energized my donate a couple hundred bucks to Obama's campaign, write a whole slew of blog posts, and to get into fights with perfect strangers on the subway platform. Wow, I never realized it until now, but I've got Sarah Palin Feva!

Thanks for all the energy!

They covered William Ayers, of course, at which point Dave had the cojones to bring up McCain's associations with G. Gordon know, the v. honorable dude who masterminded Watergate and brought shame to our entire nation?

Also McCain gave us a whole lotta show stopping non-verbals that some mofo will, no doubt, mash up together today.

He also said that Sarah Palin was goin' onto SNL.

Oh, and that he knows exactly where Osama Bin Laden is after reading some published reports, and "looking at the area," so he'll just go right in and get him as soon as he's in office.

That's when I vom'd in my mouth, so I had tune out.


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