Monday, October 20, 2008

Sarah Palin On SNL: 'Shoot A Motherhumpin Moose,' Indeed

Dear Sarah Palin, *

So, after months of your ass getting made fun of (brilliantly!) by Mizz Tina Fey, you finally decided to show your face up on SNL this weekend.

Your first bit was mostly stupid. Shockingly, you had like zero interaction with Tina Fey and just wasted most of your time with Alec "I'm a douchetard and I can't help myself" Baldwin.

Your second bit was insanely hysterical, however, it was mostly because Amy Poehler fucking RULEZ and did a hilarious rap about you. She was making fun of you the ENTIRE time. Like in a really, embarrassing, obvious, kind of way. Though I enjoyed watching you bopping along in your chair dance, I was also kind of blown away too. Like, I couldn't shake the feeling that despite everything, you didn't *quite* get it all.


For an elite, Jewish, smart-ass, city slicker like me, it was DEE-FUCKING-LICIOUS. So, thanks.

Rough weekend for you chumps though, right?
*100,000 showed up to Obama's rally in St. Louis
*$150 million raised in Sept
*Colin Fucking Powell endorsed Barry

I'm sure you guys are still fine tho.
(wink, wink),

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Anonymous said...

Your post was flavorfully fucking awesome. I swoon.

Dear Famous A$$hole said...

@anon (I blush)