Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Levi Johnston Isn't Registered To Vote; There Really IS Symmetry In The Universe

Dear Levi Johnston, **

In this whole ass rape of a shituation you got yourself into: 18 year old GF Bristol Palin preggo, dropped out of H.S., no real future to speak of, drug/partying issues, etc, there is ONE great thing to look forward to, right!?

I mean, how cool is it that you'll get to cast your very first vote as an "adult" in a presidential election for your new mamz-in-law (and our next wannabe Veep), Sarah Palin!


Oh...cept you didn't register to vote.


[Loves it]

stupid is as stupid does,

p.s. This was my other fave quote of yours from your recent inter-ma-view. Your thoughts regarding getting involved with McPalin: At first, I was nervous. Then I was like, "Whatever."

Whatever, indeed.

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the FoOl said...

you need to upgrade this dipshit to * asap. I mean, unless my eyes are fooling me that is a mullet, right?

Dear Famous A$$hole said...

Well, he would have been a *, but the dude is kind of hot....so I bumped him up one to **

(not in this pic, but check this shit out: http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2008/09/track_and_sex_on_skates.html#end-slideshow )