Monday, October 13, 2008

Watching Angelina Jolie Breastfeed Is Not Nearly As Thrilling As I Imagined It Would Be (Le Sigh)

Dear W Magazine, ***

I really do think its rad that you're coming out with your Angelina Jolie BREAST FEEDING cover...and that you guys are cutting edge enough to not think twice about allowing a little ole thing like BREAST FEEDING interfere with your editorial policy.

But if you keep telling everyone that this BREAST FEEDING cover is coming...and you are hyping the shit out of Angie's BREAST FEEDING cover (shot by Brad Pitt, natch) more than that friggin adorable Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie...and you are releasing early photos of the Ange BREAST FEEDING cover to whet everyone's whistle...uhm, I kinda maybe thought that we might see (I don't know), her BREAST.

Guess not.


This Newsweek cover showin' Sarah Palin's mustache is edgier.

Jus sayin,

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the FoOl said...

I tried to beat off to this really really hard and couldn't do it. Le Sigh indeed.

Anonymous said...

Never mind the mustache on Sarah...what about her huge set of balls??? Lord knows her husband doesn't have them.