Thursday, November 13, 2008

BREAKING: Kim & Lisa Fight To The Death In RHOA Throwdown

Dear Everyone, ***

Just got a hot reader tip about the Real Housewives of Atlanta that I HAD to share.

Who the hell knows if its true, or not, but if it is true, it's hella juicy. So gather round kids, lean in, and feast your eyes on this:

"Kim Zolciak, single mother of 2, from Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo Channel), is the target of Lisa Wu Hartwell's verbal rampage. Lisa recently verbally exploded in an on camera taping of the reunion against Kim Monday in Atlanta. (much speculation that Lisa struck Kim on and off camera).

Lisa, ex wife of Keith Sweat, is upset with Kim over the news that the story Lisa does not have custody of her children because she previously had a drug addiction problem amongst other allegations has leaked because of Kim. Producers may require Lisa to undergo anger management classes. Lisa's children and ex husband are not featured in the show as their father, Keith Sweat, did not sign the release form to allow them to be filmed with Lisa.

There is trouble in paradise as, Lisa, has threatened Kim at local media tapings with comments, text messages and phone call messages. Sources say that Kim currently is in serious consideration to take legal action against Lisa, as there is significant documentation of the intimidation and harrassment to warrant a restraining order."

Whoa, baby. That's some grade A, good shit.

Interesting too, since Lisa has sorta been a non-entity to me thus far throughout the RHOA eps. I wonder if this all went down in her bowling alley?

Just for funzies, I went back into the vault to remind myself who the fuck Keith Sweat actually was/is. The jam above ("Make You Sweat") t-o-t-a-l-l-y takes me back to my leggings/E.G. Smith socks wearin days.

Check out some more vids here.

Of course I'll let your asses know if I hear anything else.

love to love you,

UPDATE: As per u, SGM has the best scoop about this whole sitch.

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