Thursday, November 13, 2008

Miley Cyrus WILL Definitively Turn Your Sweet Angel Little Girls Into Junior Tranny Hookers, Mr. President Elect. I Assure You

Dear President Elect Barack Obama, ***

I understand that your adorable, light of your life, cute overload dot com daughters Malia-n-Sasha have been invited to do a guest spot on Hannah Montana with Miley Cyrus.


Ok, hold the fucking phone right there.

I'm sure you and Michelle are way on top of this sitch, and I really don't mean to interfere, but I can't help but offer up my own take on the shituation which is: NO, no, nowayjose, a thousand times N O , n'uh uh. NO.

In case you are not convinced that this is the worst idea in the history of the universe, I offer you up the following as proof:

And *just* in case that doesn't like totally convince you, here's one more snap of another famous chick who ALSO has her own tween TV show:

This idea is worse than asking Sarah Palin to be the newly appointed Ambassador to Russia...worse than choosing a pitpubull that hasn't been fixed and likes to hump everyone as your white house pet...worse than Heidi Montag supporting you as a candidate; in other words = catastrophe of epic proportions.

Fuck the first 100 days...this shit is your real priority.

I vote "NO" on a Hannah Montana appearance.

my country tis of thee,

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Anonymous said...

This is a great great post. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Wait... are you really a girl?

Anonymous said...

That's some funny shit. LOL (no, really). Yes anonymous, she's a chick. A damn funny chick. Dear "Dear Famous Asshole" author, the bitches behind Bossip agree with you on this as well (as do I):
Ain't gonna happen.

Dear Famous A$$hole said...

@anon 9:54: thanks, yo!

@anon 1:26: for reals? You srsly thought I was a dude? Or are you just bein all cute-n-shit?

@the magician: Thank christ we're all in agreement on this shiz. No means no, Miley...back off.

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