Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sarah Palin Is A PC, Obama Is A Mac...Does This Help Y'All Understand The Election Results A Little Better?

Dear Sarah Palin, *

Wow, I really thought that my haterade hard on for you was already at full mast being that I disagree with every religious, philosophical, political and theoretical idea you have ever shared.

But this last thing...THIS is the thing that confirms that u-n-me can never ever be an item.

While everyone was gawking at your short shorts the other day at the Republican Governor's Conference in Miami, Geeksugar was scoping out the fact that you are, something far worse than a whore-y, soul sucking moron: very predictably, you are a PC (duh).

True, this fact could have been called from miles and miles away from the comfort of an amply stocked with semi-automatic machinery moose hunting helicopter, but was nice to have official pics or it didn't happen confirmation.

Anyway, obvies I am a mac.

Just as you believe strongly in a Creationist theory of the universe, I believe strongly in this.

In summary, stay true to your PCness, Sarah...really. It's incredibly helpful in allowing me to continue to easily sub categorize the world. I'm sure someone already told you that anyone who uses a mac is either: gay, Jewish, a gotcha media journalist, an elite (i.e. the dude who actually got elected Prez), or all of the above, so you really don't want to mix it up with any of those mofos.

Also I hear Putin is a mac (!).

Vista or bust,

p.s. You sooo should have worn a bikini. You for srs squandered that media opp.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, and Palin prob sports the Zune as well. No Ipod for her!

Fabix said...

Personally, I enjoy the irony of it all. Sarah Palin being the opposite of PC and all...

I also enjoyed reading this on my PC.

Much love


Mollie said...

Don't insult all PCs by likening us to Sarah Palin.

I just don't like change.

the FoOl said...

I'm I the only one here who realizes the computer is background noise and the real story here is how badly I want give her a 6th (or is it 7th) child?

Erica said...

@Fabix: I'm sorry you had to read this on your pc...I still love you anyway.

@Mollie: I don't think I was insulting ALL PC's...I like *some* PC' Fabix, for example.

@the FoOL: I'm gonna pretend that you didn't say that. And hope that your ass gets laid this weekend so your brain wave levels can return back to normal. I'll say a prayer for you in church.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit.. Macs are as easy to hack as any computer.LOL