Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Martha Stewart-n-Snoop Dogg Make Sweet, Sweet Lurv

Dear Martha, ***

ZOMGS, I had the craziest ass dream!

You had Snoop Dogg on your show and were all "he's off the chizzle for shizzle...and today he's in the hizzle"-n-shit.

And then you wanted him to tell you what he calls a potato...and you know what he calls a potato?! A POTATO!

Then you made mashed potizzles with his ass.

And then Snoop was all "Miss are a hot ass ho" and you were all "Mr. Doggy Dogg I would love for you to take me out back and show me how a for real for realz man haz a good time." And Snoop was all, "Hells yeah, bitchizzle, I'm gonna..."

Oh wait.


Anyway, it was a crazy ass dream.

"it's a good thing,"

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