Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Alex, You So Don't Even Deserve Amanda Lorber...Like Not Even A Little Bit

Dear Alex, *

You truly disappointed me last night.

I mean, what the hell is wrong with you these days? You started off as this sweet, smart, teen nerd and in four short eps have morphed into a sweaty, whiny pussy whipped tool. Look at yourself. You actually managed to ruin this adorable Homecoming picture...and Mrs. Weiss agrees!

Your need to be a "cool kid" is getting kinda lame, and its seriously interfering with your rep. I had high hopes for you--I even thought you might eventually come around to realizing that Amanda was the better choice for editor-in-chief...and your one true love (le sigh). Alas, your head seems filled with nothing these days but Alex + Alix montages and Trevor/Gianna orchestrated bullying techniques. It's so very sad.

And don't think this isn't all affecting you. You look like you haven't slept in days and your zit factor is through the freakin roof.

And so, in conclusion, your refusal to dance with Amanda at Homecoming, for me, is t-h-e final straw. I'm done with you Alex...for good.

"She's Amanda Lorber...she's perfect." Indeed.

Lorb-it or lose it,

p.s. Aren't you just an eensy bit jealous that ALo will be living it up in NYC...probably interning at the NY Observer and eating magnolia cupcakes all the live long day? Thought so.

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