Monday, May 5, 2008

Amanda Lorber, Will U Be My BFF? Pretty Please??

Dear Hollywood Powerhouses, **

I cannot sit idly by in silence any longer: Amanda Lorber needs her own TV, pronto.

MTV's The Paper is one of my favorite new shows on TV and it rocks for one reason and one reason only...and that's Ms "In Chief" herself. Everyone else on Cypress Bay High School's The Circuit staff is whiny, annoying and doltish, but ALorbs--she's a total star.

If you don't believe me, check out this brilliant performance of hers in which she sings the merits of using facebook over myspace.

Maybe she can go work at Jezebel or the New York Observer for a summer internship and you can spin that into a reality show? Or how bout this!?: a teen version of Beauty and the Geek?

Truthfully, I don't care what you come up with...just come up with something ASAP. For realz.

Amanda is my constant,

**Want more Amanda Lorber-ness?? Me too!

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