Friday, June 20, 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears Is Totally Gonna Beat Out Dina Lohan For Mom of the Year, Y'all!

Dear Jamie Lynn, **


A little girl 4 you-n-Casey!

Maddie Briann is, like, the prettiest name I've ever heard in my life aside from Crystal Destiny or Ashleigh Tiffani...or maybe Brittani with two t's and an i. I'm sure she's so so beautiful and is probs like already primping for her OK! Magazine cover shoot next week. LOL!

I was so glad to hear that Brit Brit was flying down to be with you too, because, like I hear that the first few days after having a baby can get kind of stressful, ya know? And it will be super nice to have someone around who can help with poopy diapers or running out for supplies like Cheetos, Dr. Pepper or those Jack Daniels cuntry cocktails that are soooo good.

Was Casey in the delivery room with you!? ROFL! I'm sure he was! I hope you got some pics of him in those cute little scrubs they let you wear, because I want to see em in your scrapbook! (you BETTER be making one, JL!!!). I was in Wal Mart the other day and they had these little stickers that I thought would be so perf for you to use; they said things like "#1 Mom" and "cute as a button" or my favorite: "president of the hot mom's club!" funny!

When do you think Maddie will be ready to get her first set of extensions? Hopefully by the time you guys do the mag cover shoot!!! JK! But I do think you should use like a really subtle, sparkly pale pink shadow for her when you do the pics--that would be soo pretty! And lipgloss, of course, but like duh!

In the meantime, try and rest up and get some sleep. The baby weight clock starts ticking like right now and you've only got 3 weeks or so to get your hot, sexy, 16-year-old girl bod back before people start comparing you to Kirstie Alley. You might have to go ana for a day or two, but who're a mommy!

Congrats again, JL! Who would have predicted that you'd go straight from Nickelodeon to the the "hot mom's club" before you you even graduated high school!? Ha. So crazy.

Give Maddie a kiss for me...and Casey too!! (a french one, HA!! LYLAS, JK!)


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1 comment:

LoriLori said...

Ashleigh Tiffani would have been a much better choice!