Thursday, June 12, 2008

Miley Cyrus, You Are So Danceriffic!: The Battle To The Death Continues...

Dear Everyone, ***

Why every single God damned person on the planet is not talking about this Miley Cyrus/Mandy Jiroux vs. Adam/Chu's Dance Crew (ACDC) dance off is truly beyond me.

As far as I'm concerned, I could take all the Brangelina shit, all the B list baby birth shit, and even all the MTV/Hills/"Bromance" shit, set it all on fire, smoke it, and use the ashes to fuel my macbook battery so that i could run a 24/7 dance-r-iffic loop all the live long day. Guys: its the biggest online Youtube dance battle in history! Are you getting this???

M&M have just dropped their latest joint in response to ACDC, and let's just say stakes have been with a helicopter...and Chris Kattan.

Two months ago I had no fucking clue who Hannah Montana was, but I swear to God, following this M & M Cru/ACDC Dance off, I'm ready to watch that bitch ass show AND buy me a Miley lunchbox to take to work.

True, thus far ACDC has made M&M Cru look like a special needs kids camp dance troupe, but still, my little Miley my my is steppin' up to the plate like a home girl and gettin' her shit dun. I mean, this sort of a production requires like actual crews, and craft service and shit, right?


Right? Hello?? Can everyone please get as excited about this shit as I am?? What's wrong with you people?


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Cathie said...

So funny, last night I showed my roommate the ACDC video and was thinking if you ever blogged about it. I'm happy to see you're following.

PD said...

Adam Chu brings the ruckus, his cru murda murda murda m&murda them motherf...

Dear Famous A$$hole said...

Cathie: This stuff is like youtube crack for me. Why aren't more people having dance offs?! These month-long waits are absolutely k-i-l-l-i-n-g me.

pd: hells yeah!