Friday, June 13, 2008

SYTYCD Week 1 Eliminations: Adios, Jamie & Rayven

Dear Jayven, *?

Shit, week!? I'm really sorry for your asses.

Though, as I don't know you both that well, I'm feeling more of a seeing a person in a wheelchair wheeling themselves down the road on a hot day sort of sorry, rather than a "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME YET!" sort of sorry.

You guys seemed sweet-n-all, but you did fuck things up. You were given a kick-ass routine and a fab new song (sidenote: curently completely ob'd with Estelle, anyone else?), and I'm not even sure what it was, but when it was over I just wasn't feelin' it, ya know? Like we had just completely grown apart in those two minutes and everything we had once had together was just not there anymore, and that made me really, really sad.

I promise to miss you a little bit, K? And you'll always hold a special place in my heart as the first performance of Season 4 (even if it did kinda suck). And I swear I will t-o-t-a-l-l-y try to remember your names later on when you are way off people's radar instead of referring to you as the chick with the skunk hair and the gay dude with a gf who flashed us.

Goodbye forever, JV

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Anonymous said...

You're one hilarious bitch ass bitch

Anonymous said...

They both SUCKED and had to go yo.

Lori said...

This routine was awesome, but they totally messed it up. See ya Jayven.