Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Have Peeped Pure Heaven On Earth: A Donut, Bacon, Cheezburger

Dear My Fat Ass, *

Even you should feel embarassed over this one.

But noooooooo--you don't roll like that, huh?

The fact that I've never eaten a donut, bacon, burger before aint no thang to you because you know, way deep down inside in that place that we don't like to talk about, that I would. If I could. (Like, where do you get these???).

You know that I'm thinking about cheese here...and whether or not that donut could handle the extra added challenge of a melted slice of white American. And I hate you for that.

You also know that just for kicks I'm going to check the menus of a couple of the diners in close proximity to my apt...just see if by some crazy miracle they have this little number. And you further know that I'm going to let out a "GODDAMMIT" when, after a thorough examination, I realize that alas, they do not.

Le sigh.

You're a nasty, nasty sonofabitch.

I can has cheezburger

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