Monday, July 21, 2008

Web's Hottest Blogger = M.E. (Obvs)

Dear Playboy, ***, I really don't mean to embarrass anyone over there or anything, but it seems like you guys have made like a really big mistake.

I noticed recently that you have this "Who's the Web's Hottest Blogger" piece running on in which you're asking people to vote on the sexxiest online blog chick-a-dees. And then like, the winner gets a hot ass blogger spread on in the months to come, apparently.

So, I clicked my ass all through that page, and...uhm... I was really, really confused.

Like, I didn't see my pic anywhere?

I checked through my email inbox (all three accounts) from the last few months, scoured my facebbook wall, my twitter feeds, and like also my Plurk and I still did not see any correspondence at all from you guys, which needless to say, is pretty fucking weird.

I'm guessing this is obvies just an oversight, because HELLO, that list was pretty much m-a-d-e in the shade for my ass.

So, like, uhm...feel free to check my "sexy," "sexy4u," "i'" and "bask in the glow of my eternal hotness" albums on FB for some good snaps to use for the vote. And then I guess I'll just see you in the studio for the photo shoot after I sweep the shit out of the competition!

say cheez,

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You GOT my vote!