Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Six Days Till The Gossip Girl Premiere Drops, Bitches!

Dear Everyone, ***

Fuck the Olympics and Michael Phelps.

Fuck Big Brother and all their horny contestants.

Fuck 90210 2.0...and that new American Idol judge bitch.

Fuck all those cute viral cat vids....and Fuck the long awaited and very much anticipated end of the motherfucking summer.

Because its almost time for the big boys to come out and play, and I for one am locked and loaded, bitches.

Gossip Girl
returns next Monday night, Sept. 1 at 8pm on the CW...and if you don't already have your DVR set, please get the fuck off this blog right the fuck now, and don't ever click your ass across the interweb in my direction again.

Goddammit, I almost need a cigarette after watching this preview above. I wasn't even bothered by the fact that Chuck Bass seems to be taking fashion cues from Samantha Ronson or that Serena and Dan are apparently not reunited within the first 48 seconds of the show (all in due time, my pretties).


The ep looks pretty damn ferosh. And, of course, my new fave line of the season (natch): "Damn that Mother-Chucker."

Ok... I'm off to go jerk off to the sound of Kristin Bell's voice.

You know you love,

p.s. HA!

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