Thursday, August 7, 2008

SYTYCD Finale: I'm 'Bleeding Love' For ALL U Bitches

Dear Everyone, ***

Wow, it totally feels like the last night of sleepaway camp, right? Like when the whole camp gets together for that queer sing-a-long, and you and all your friends start crying and swearing that you're gonna call each other every day when you get back home, eventhough you never will, but like you don't know that at the time?


I srsly can't believe that this shit is really, truly over. I'm so freakin heartbroken I'd even agree to an all Mia Michaels judge's panel for just one more week of So You Think You Can Dance fabulousness.

Le sigh.

In other news, for like the first time all season, I was not totally digging Cat's look. Her dress reminded me of one of those collapsible plastic cups that you take on camping trips and actually kind of made her look like she had a bit of a gut, which is just insane because, hello, she weighs like 98 pounds at probs 5"10.

And again with Mary...its like one week on, one week off with you. Tonight you looked like you were dressed by Morticia Adams. Was that a dress or a cobweb?


Now for the motherfucking dancing:

Courtney & Twitch

Tabitha & Napoleon
Hip Hop
Holy fatal attraction fabulousness. I would have loved that dance way more had Courtney not been dressed like Wilford Brimley, but that shit still rocked. Even I'd break up with Court if she'd kick my ass like that...M-E-O-W. [sidenote: Nigel's feeble attempt at a Mary scream was kinda pathetic, but also kinda sweet].

Joshua & Katee
Dance #1
Choreographer: Wade Robson


Gorgeous, beautiful, LOVE. This was the perfect dance for these two bitches and they owned the shit out of it. They have, in my opinion, been the most consistently fab couple thoughout this competition and I love that they got a chance to dance again together one more time during the finale--espesh with this Wade Robson jam. Wade = genius supastar.

& Courtney
Tyce Diorio

Gay dancing...rawk! But, yet again, those costumes were a total disconnect for me. It looked like Mary Poppins threw up all over their asses and I just didn't get it awl. Also, like if you're gonna do gay dancing, let the bitches touch each other a bit more. I don't know, I wasn't feelin' this jam and thought the whole thing was kinda disjointed and meh.

Twitch & Joshua
Youri Nelzine
Russian Trepak
BOO YA! This joint had all of the excitement, fun and chemistry that the girl's gay dance totally lacked. That was off the freakin' chain, boyz and I loved every last second of it. Josh, ur ass looked like you were on a freakin trampoline and Twitch, u were up and down so much I was starting to get dizzy. You guys literally rocked my world with that one.

Twitch & Katee
Tony Meredith & Melanie
Wow, I think that was the first sexy foxtrot I've ever seen!...and I totally dug it. Twitch's tux just slayed me and those two actually had mad chemistry during that whole number. Katee was gorge and she danced like a princess.

& Courtney
Jason Gilkison

That shit was the jammin-est Jive I ever done seen. I know nothing about nothing in the way of technique, so I'll have to take Mary's 5 minute "holy shit, was that hard" speech for what its worth. Nigel didn't have love for this joint, but whatevs....I thought it was cuil.

I think we can all agree that nobody does solo like Twitch does solo.

Also, how freakin' adorable were those one-on-one interviews with Cat? And did anyone else notice how she kinda started to cry right before they all performed their last Mia Michaels Scottish Olympics group dance!?

K, so I barely have the courage to even type this shit out, but I have to, so I'm gonna be strong. Goin home first:

[can't type keys, don't want to say it...]

And final two:


And who do I think is gonna go for the gold?: Katee
[But who do I really, really want to win?: Twitch]

There I said it. And I mean every word of it.

Parting is such sweet sorrow,

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