Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Justin Timberlake Would Be the PERFECT Oscars Host, And Anyone Who Disagrees Can Go Suck It

Dear Justin, ***

Srsly, don't listen to any of those motherfuckin www playa haters, with all their visceral JT jealousy drippin from their keyboards-n-shit.

I've only gots one thing to say to all of those ridick internet chatterboxes who smugly proclaim that you're not funny enough or you're too douchey to host the Oscars: FUCK ALL Y'ALL, BITCHES.

These whiny, know-it-all internet tards pulled this same sorta shit with the Top Gun 2 movie announcement, and I for one am not gonna sit idly by and watch everyone screw this all up again.


You can TOO host the Oscars JT, and you'd probs wreck the shit out of it like no one ever had before. I mean, brought sexy back!--Of course you can handle this Oscars shit.

Here's why:
*Your ass IS funny, no matter what the haters say. I bought every single person on my Christmas list last year a dick in a box and they all loved the shit out of it.
*You're H-O-T-T, and everyone from little girlies straight up to the MILFers wants you to be their boy toy boyfriend.
*You fucked Britney...back when she was the coolest person in the world to be fucking.
*You know what sells, and you sell it to us e-v-e-r-y single time.
*You love your mamz.
*You invented the trucker hat craze...that's like really innovative.

So, like you're IT now.

You are the choice of the least all the people who aren't stupid fucking losers.


Team Timberlake,

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