Friday, September 26, 2008

Britney Spears New Track Womanizer Makes Me Feel Like Watching The Presidential Debate!

Dear Everyone, ***

Ok, I really wanted to avoid any additional updates today in order to keep us all focused on the task at hand: praying that McCain fucks up colosally on tonight's debates (please, please, pretty please, Gawd!)

But, I didn't count on Brit Brit's single Womanizer dropping...cause that's just the sort of shit that simply can't be ignored.

Here's what I think:

Ok, maybe I'm just not used to hearing Britney's singing voice b/c its been so long...or maybe I'm just generally in a bad mood b/c my 401 is currently bleeding love, but as much as I want to love the shit out of this song, I kinda don't.

Le sigh.

I've already established that my musical taste pretty much sucks, so the bar is v. low already (just want to make sure no one is gonna accuse me of being a snobby, indie music devotee with ridiculously high standards. Never forget: I LOVED SoulDecision).

Was Brit's voice always this low and I just didn't notice? Me no likey. I def think she sounds her best in the song during the bridge when she's actually singing, as opposed to her breathy talking.

Having said that, I do admit that the tune is kinda catchy. I think I need to go listen to it 17 times in a row and see how I feel after that.

I'll report back.

boy don't try to front,

UPDATE: I like it! Like really a lot! And it only took 6 listens...WOO HOO!

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