Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Hills, S4: 4 - Vegas Is My Homeboy

Dear Everyone, ***

Ok, so I caught up on this ep and though I covered most of it in last night's recap, I have a few choice thoughts to share.

  1. I think my fave scene all season HAD to be when Spencer got into his car, drove over to Heidi's place of employment, called her ass on his celly, made her march her ass downstairs to the parking lot, and then proceeded to whine and complain to her about how her sister erased 3 ENTIRE shows of his off of Tivo! FUCKING TIVO! L-o-v-e-d that shit like a fat kid loves cake. Rawk on with yo bad self, Spence. Gawd do they have an awesome relationship.
  2. Brody made She Pratt cry! AWESOME!
  3. LC broke up with a dude with a private fucking jet!?
the rest is still unwritten,

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