Monday, October 6, 2008

'Famous Person' Totally Thought Sarah Palin Swept the Veep Debate...So Famous Person Must Be Right!

Dear Everyone, ***

Did you hear!?

Governor Sarah Palin t-o-t-a-l-l-y won the Vice Presidential debate with Senator Joe Biden last Thurs. FAMOUS PERSON said so!

John McCain's campaign released the above ad late last week.

"She killed. It was her evening. She was a star."

Yep, that's what famous person thought of all the action, and I don't know about you l00zers, but I happen to rully, rully trust famous person!

Famous person is like totally in touch with needs of our nation and obvies is really looking out for us all, so if famous person thinks Sarah Palin won, then famous person must be right!

Thanks gawd we've gots famous person to tell us where its at!

Only hitch is, there's lots of other famous persons who totally support Obama, like:
*Bruce Springsteen
*Billy Joel
*Jennifer Aniston
*Robert DeNiro
*Chris Rock
*George Clooney
*Ben Affleck

So, for some chump like me...who basically just likes to listen to famous people and make all my decisions based on what they think is right or wrong, John McCain and Failin Palin are gonna need to step up their game and either identify this famous person once-n-for all, OR get themselves someone more A list then Wilford Brimley.

Fame ass does not = famous.

Jus sayin,

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