Monday, October 20, 2008

WHOA: Britney Spears' New Website Doesn't Suck!

Dear Brit Brit, ***

Congrats on the relaunch of your shiny, new website!

There's a certain symmetry here, right? New single, new bod, (new meds?) and new website.

Loves it!

So, I was krumping around on there and happened across your new blog! Of course, that's where I found some of the juiciest bits of Britney flavored Brit-tasticness I ever did see (i.e. the vid above).

I must confess: Tyler and Suzanne Foehr were so delightful, I'm semi-inspired to record my own "choreographed" routine for Womanizer, however:
*I'm not quite sure I gots the skillz to pay the billz
*I still have an eensy bit of dignity and self respect left


Aside from Tyler and Suzanne's dance-a-thon, my fave entry so far was the vid of you waving to the teenyboppers on the celebrity bus tour. Totally adorbs.

It's like official now: Britney's back, bitches.

Looking forward to way more delish Brit bits.

2 Legit 2 Quit,

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