Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thanks For Reminding My Husband What NOT To Do, Balthazar Getty (Lesson #3: FUBAR)

Dear My Husband, ***

On the special occasion of our second wedding anniversary I thought we could, yet again, revisit the wonderfully illustrative, ever blossoming romance between Billionaire douchetard Balthazar Getty and that whiny little slut of a harpie, Sienna Miller.

These two home wreckers swapped spit over the weekend on their "reunited and it feels so good" tour in Positano, Italy (Remember when WE were in Positano! For our Honeymoon!? And I was all: "OMGZ, I sooo want to move here." And you were all: " fuck dat noise").


These two bitches are apparently still TLF and want us all to get a good hard look at them playing kissy face (including Balty's poor, jilted wife, and his FOUR fucking children).

Well, la ti da.

Those two look like they're having a rip roaring time...true. But we're looking for the lesson in all this, and the lesson is thus:

Don't. Ever. Cheat.

The ONLY reason that Balz is getting away with this shit, is because he's a billionaire....and must be dispatching ocean liners full of cash to his wife's doorstep.

We brought our own snacks to the movies last weekend...you do the math.

So, you jus keep doin what you're doin and we'll be good in the hood. But you know that already, cuz you rule.

Happy Anniversary!

Nakomis 4 eva,

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