Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Justin Timberlake Is SO Not A Douchetard Everyone (Told Ya So)

Dear JT, ***

Yet again, I'd like to offer up a hearty fuck all y'all to your haters.

Justin Timberlake trash talking has reached an all-time fever pitch in recent months: NY Mag claimed you lost your charisma, Pop on the Pop thinks you're off your meds, Videogum said that you are "unclever," and Perez calls you "Timberlame." And that's like only half the shit I came across in my google reader.

I for one, have stayed true blue true to my man through all of this nonsensical bullshit. And on Saturday night, you reminded me why.

Holy. Hilariousness.

And just in case people were thinkin "yeah...he's funny, but that was like all about the leotard," you then went on to KILL IT during Weekend Update.

Oh, snap!

How you like me now motherfuckers!?

[Uh huh].

[That's what I thought].

Whatever dudes....

I know you know who ur deep down, cellular levels fans are, JT (submits DNA for evidence), so my ass isn't goin anywhere.

Big ups for SNL.

love to love u,

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