Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Goshdarnit! I Guess This Whole Economy Thingy Rully Is Falling Apart. Say It Aint So, Jim Cramer

Dear crazy, mixed-up world, ***

Goddammit, is this dude off his meds, or what?

I'd say that when we've reached the point where Jim Cramer [JIM FUCKING CRAMER, "MAD MONEY"YO!] is showin up on TV looking all scared and fidgety and telling us to get the eff out of the stock market if we have any need whatsoever to use our money in the next five years, we've probably hit bottom.


Fuck all that stuff I said about Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel being back together meaning that we're gonna make it through this all (THOUGH, they were seen again together at SNL last weekend! Woot!)...we're totally screwed no matter what.

And ur tellin me there are STILL people out there who are NOT planning on voting for Obama?! Like, for realz?

fight the power (and debate the debate: 2nd Presidential debate tonight at 9pm...I'll be live twittering as per u),

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