Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LiveBlogging The Post Presidential Debate: It Doesn't Get Any Edgier Than This

Dear Everyone, ***

So, like yeah. That Presidential Debate town hall thingy meeting just happened. I live twittered it, but like that's old news already.

Everyone was live twittering or live blogging, and I'm so all about bucking the trends and blazing a trail. So FUCK that!

Here's my liveblog of the POST Debate. That's right go pre, I go post.

It's just that simple (I was watching CNN...duh):

10: 30: Hello Anderson Cooper...where you been all my life. He's super sexy, gay or no. And he's wearing this adorable pin striped suit! Hugo Boss maybe?

10:31: Yo, its the CNN panel. And YESSS, Campbell Brown is back. Her lip gloss is gorge!

10:32: Obama is still shaking everyone's hands...McCain bounced immediately after the debate was over. Guess who cares the most about the American people, bitches.

10:33: David Gergen has a funny name. Tee hee. Gergen, Gergen, Gergen.

10:33: Did Obama just sign someone's tits with a sharpie?

10:33: I think Paul Begala is wearing a Live Strong bracelet. WTF? That's so election 2004.

10:34: Jeffrey Toobin is kind of annoying...he's like a peg or two below Lou Dobbs.

10:34: Castellanos: dude are you sure you're a Republican? He gave the debate to Obama. Also he was like the only one who was really taking this CNN HD points system seriously...everyone else was asleep at the wheel. And, I'm totally digging the stache.

10:38: James Carville is folksy.

10:42: Everyone universally HATED McCain's "that one" line...also thinks the dude was remiss in leaving early

10:45: Suzanne (Suzahn) Malveaux likes that its hard to say her name (kidding: just checking to see if you are paying attention, bbs). She concurs on the "that one" gaffe.

10:46: Seems everyone is pretty clear that Obama won the debate. BOO YA!

uhm, John King is the numbers dude on CNN...i.e. the one who is always playing with the electoral map and all of the scenarios and he just said: "numbers are not my strong suit"...ohhhkaaay.

James Carville re the election: "Call the dogs in, wet the fire and leave the house, the hunt's ovah."

Carville's joke KILLED. McCain would have given: one of his houses, two of his cars and his adopted daughter for even a tiny taste of that type of laughter tonight. Hi-Lair

Anderson Cooper is still laughing at Carville's joke...and also he's still hawt.

I think Paul Begala and James Carville are BFF...or in lurv. Jus sayin.

Town Hall format = thumbs down from the peanut gallery.

Blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda.

10:50: HA: "Goodies!" McCain said "goodies"a few times. LOL

Stop undressing me with your eyes, Campbell Brown.

I'm kind of bored, bbs. I'm going to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta (woot!).

debate the debate (its totally jingoistic),

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the FoOl said...

Andersen COoper. SeriouSLy? Looking into his so-blue-they're white eyes is like staring into the abyss.

Dude could use some melanin in his life.

Dear Famous A$$hole said...

@the fool: Ok, fair enough. I mean, I don't think he's Josh Peck hott, but for a newscaster, he's certainly the best of the bunch(cept for Campbell Brown, of course). Fuck it...I stand by my proclamation: AC is hawt.