Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Think Punching Michael Lohan In His Fucking Face MIGHT Actually Be Worth $5000

Dear Everyone, ***

Holy shitballs, you guyz!

For the totally reasonable price of $5 gee's, I could win an opp to punch Michael Lohan right in his fat motherfucking face.

Is it kind of crazy that I'm maybe, sorta considering it?

He's doing some ridick charity fundraiser on "lawng guy-land" called Fight For Charity, and for $5000 you can bid to fight him. Like really fight him.

But like also there is some kind of interview/height/weight requirements I would need to meet before we could actually go at it in the ring [sidenote: how fucking embarassing would it be to get rejected from a Michael Lohan throwdown b/c I had too much junk in my trunk. Yeah. Don't answer that].

Who am I kidding.

I mean, the dude is the world's worst father, but also Kevin Federline also already declined to participate...I'm not picking up KFed's sloppy seconds.

Even for an opp to punch LezLo's daddy.

Oh, also I'm a total fucking wimp.

So, forget it.

give peace a chance,

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Seriously McMillan said...

Seeing that their family is more F*ckd Up than mine...You gotta put the mom up their, too. Get Dina Lohan, stat! She makes a stage mom look like a stage mom.

Seriously McMIllan

Dear Famous A$$hole said...

@srsly: what a great idea! If it were Michael AND Dina Lohan I would bid in a heartbeat...