Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears: You Make Those Idiot Teens Who Taped Themselves Beating Someone's Ass on Youtube Look Like Fulbright Scholars

Dear Jamie Lynn, *

OH NO, you didn't!





If this is true, you are soo much stupider than I had previously even thought possible (which is no small feat, by the by). In fact, I'm starting to think that maybe your sissy Brit Brit engineered your ass in a lab and "grew you" in her closet just to get TMZ off her tail and make her look better.

Cuz, you're sort of making all that head shaving, mental institution stuff of Britney's look like this:

Le Sigh.

The best is, you're allegedly knocked up because you "didn't know you could get pregnant while you were breast feeding."


Who is responsible for edu-ma-catin you about the birds-n-the bees? Bristol Palin? You could totes get better info by reading Forever by Judy Blume.

You need to be way un-stupider than you are.

good luck with that,

UPDATE: JL says "leggo my preggo," i.e. baby NOT on board. Not sure what to believe here, but just tryin to get you bias the facts.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: A close family friend pinky swears that this shit is TRU and that JL is indeed with child. Everyone seems to be encouraging her to abort, but apparently the family is trying to buy some time. Verrry inneresting, no?

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