Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Needs To Be Punched Directly In Her Fucking Face...Repeatedly

Dear Elisabeth Hasselbeck, *

For the love of all that is holy and pure, won't you PUH-LEEZ, once and for all, SHUT YOUR MOTHERFUCKING FACE UP!?

[4 EVA].

I would agree to wear a purity ring for the rest of my life, if you said yes.

I've noted the following and judged accordingly: how the tone of your voice morphs into that of 14-year-old pre-pubescent teenaged boy; your feeble, pathetic attempt at humor (you cannot do funny, ALL); and that shit-eating, self-important smirk of yours.

And here's what I've come up with: Goddammit, you're an annoying bitch!


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ProblemWithCaring said...

But wait, don't you and blogTOKENigger heart her like 3 times?

I am confused....

Shannon said...

I hate that bitch! She makes me so enraged that I cant even form complete sentences. I just know I want to her to shut the fuck up!

Dear Famous A$$hole said...

problemwithcaring: No need for confusion...I hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck with the fire of a thousand burning hot suns

shannon: amen, sista!

ProblemWithCaring said...

ah.... I stand corrected.

Well, instead of an overweight progressive or an Angry Black Woman on The View, let's start a letter writing campaign to draft another skinny, white women (Rachel Maddow?) to come on the show and eviscerate her and her ill-formed ideas daily. Apparently, this is the only way anyone can speak of our collective hatred and disgust of Hasseldreck and it still be made palatable to the American masses (READ: racist misogynist).

I just hope she doesn't start crying again, with all those Tears to Help Save Race Relations ...Rachel Maddow will be labeled an Alice-Walker-Angry-Dyke and we are back at square one...

jo4672 said...

I agree, she needs to be punched in the fucking face.. she is whiney, immature and i dont know why this skank is getting paid for it.. someone needs to hit her with a big fucking rock.. knock out a few of her teeth...i'd throw it too.. so hey Liz.. shut the fuck up and live in others shoes before jumping on the IM RICHER THAN YOU band wagon.. just go eat shit